Life Is A Beach!

June 9, 2009

Life’s A Beach

Been thinking of spending a day at the beach?

Trail to the Beach

Maybe do some rock hounding,

Rocky Beach

Or walk down a beach.

Walk on the Beach

The flowers are blooming as it still mid June

Hot Pink Blooms

Now Thats Pink

Queen Ann's Lace


Foxglove Bud

You can feel the cool breeze

Wind in the grass

With the waves chasing your feet

Get Your Feet Wet

You could explore interesting rock formations

Volcanic Rock Outcroppings

Or see Devils Churn

Devils Churn

You could visit Cape Perpetua visitor center

Cape Perpetua Visitor's Center

And take in the view.

Cape Perpetua Visitor's Center - View

How about watching seals and sea lions

Seal Rock Oregon

Or build a castle in the sand.

Play in the Sand

Flowers bloom all around you,

Beach Blooms 3

Beach Blooms 4

Beach Blooms 5

Beach Blooms 2

Flowers in the Rocks

Beach Blooms In Yellow

And the bees are busy too.

Busy as a Bee

You could visit old haunts

Waiting for the Wedding

Or get a long coast view

Coast North of Yachats

You could see the strange Darlingtonia

Darlingtonia Wayside

Darlingtonian Bog

And it’s very cool flower too.

Darlingtonian Flower

The benches are waiting,

A Seat With A View

The picnic tables too.

Picnic Time

Life is a beach, so what’s holding you?

Driftwood Beach

Your own Private Beach

Smell the Salt



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June 9, 2009

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